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Mission: Welcome
Picture of Drew Cali in a suit with the text "Medium Drew" followed by "Psychic Medium, Channel, & Teacher."

Meet Drew

It wasn't until I faced significant losses and life-changing events that I was willing and open to fully embrace my abilities. This led me to discover the world of spirit and embark on a profound spiritual journey.


Through meditation, unexpectedly, I became aware of spirit guides, mediumship, energy, and the existence of life after life.


This awakening deepened my connection to universal spirituality and revealed the potential for inner growth and self-discovery for everyone.

My devotion to the most challenging and highest forms of training, development, and education includes years of courses and mentorships with world-renowned tutors as well as attending the prestigious Arthur Findlay College for Mediumship & Psychic Sciences in the UK.

These abilities only become GIFTS when shared with others in a healing manner. I am honored our paths have crossed and look forward to connecting with you. 

All offerings are designed to provide the most impactful and spiritually driven experiences. 

Medium Drew leaning against a wall with his arms crossed smiling into the camera

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Private Groups, Individual & Family

Open Group Gallery Readings

Spiritual Healing & Intuitive Development

Empath, Intuitive & Psychic-Medium

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