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Spiritual Healing & Intuitive Development

Summer Psychic Awakening Retreat getaway.

JULY 25 - 28, 2024


Tapping into your intuitive guidance, psychic abilities and  connecting with Source is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself this summer. 💛✨


In this life-changing, soul-awakening program/development weekend, topics include learning to interpret energy using the psychic senses, unlocking natural empathic and intuitive understanding, energetic boundaries, deepening a consistent meditation routine, live guided meditations, Reiki 1 Certification and Re-Attunements for all other levels, Hands-On Practice with others, give and receive Reiki throughout the 3 night 4 day excursion... Spirit Guide journeys and much more!!


I am setting up 15-minute consults for those interested in the retreat below. If interested please see the details below and once you RSVP email and/or text me at 845-382-8886 to set yours up.


Consults Only for those interested in the Summer Retreat.

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