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from others who have experienced it.

Success Stories: Welcome

Drew has a power and a connection with the spirit world that is rare. He works with great integrity from the heart and his ability is not only to connect with your loved ones in spirit but to bring healing for body mind and soul for all his soul touches ...  As a fellow medium I respect his work greatly and know that all who experience his presence will benefit greatly.

As an LCSW, LCADC; Health Care Professional and Educator I have personally seen Drew's Meditation, guided imagery and other spiritual healing methods help many individuals transform and transcend stress and tension. Drew is a talented teacher and healer, who has used his own profound experience to guide others in discovering their own unique abilities that increase awareness, support balance and enhance intuition through the practice of meditation.

- Clair Merryweather.. Psychic , Medium and Spiritual Healer - Rugby, England

- KC, NJ

Success Stories: Testimonials
Success Stories: Testimonials

I’ve been Drew’s student for over a year. I’m an MD, a pediatrician who has never previously believed or even actively thought about energy, psychic abilities or mediumship. I’ve never been to a psychic even. However, after some personal experiences leading me to believe there is more out there, I wanted to explore it. I’m naturally a very curious person and I wanted to see first hand what it’s all about. I started out with a butterfly class so I could explore and tune in to my intuition. What happened over that year was that I began to learn about abilities I had no idea I had. My life had begun to change. I’ve discovered amazing abilities that I had that allowed me to get much better at understanding myself and others, I’ve developed a deeper compassion for human beings and their plight and I’ve completely lost any fear of death. In short, I’m not the same person I was a year ago. I’m so much happier, and I feel good about being who I am, as a human being and as a healer. Professionally, what I do is so much more powerful because my practice bridges science with intuition, as I’m able to much better tune into the needs of the families I’m serving. I’ll be forever grateful to Drew, Jeanne and my student crew for teaching me this amazing process. Drew is an incredible teacher, psychic medium and he has the biggest heart.  I highly recommend him and his school to anyone interested in exploring unseen. You will be blown away!

UNBELIEVABLE! We just had our session with Drew. My mother in law passed in October. I purchased a family session for my husband who was not a believer in mediums. Drew’s accuracy was spot on! He knew my mother in laws name and said things that only she would know like my father in laws nick, his profession and other things about their lives. We felt like she was literally in the room with us talking. She said to tell us she that where she is it’s nice and warm. Coming from Ireland she always loved coming to America in the summertime and would said the weather was “lovely” even when it was 90 degrees.


He then went on to talk about my grandmother and how she made 2 different sized meatballs and alway wore a house dress with no bra haha. He also knew the color and type of car she drove.


Drew was able to give my husband some peace knowing his mother is still very much around him. If you are on the fence about booking a session don’t be. This exceeded our expectations by far. Drew was down to earth, warm and funny. We immediately felt at ease. I cannot say enough  good things about this experience and we will definitely be booking future sessions with him and will recommend him to everyone we know!

-  Alina Ginzberg 

- Nicole Doherty​

Its great that you are offering Soul Sessions again! I would drive to NJ for that even-though I’m in Saratoga Springs! Our Private Group Reading with Drew in 2017 was so SPOT ON for each and every one of us and we were a group of 4 - Would love to see him again - hoping he will be back here soon !

- Diane C., NY​

I had a reading with Drew and there were many precise details. He connected with my Grandmother, who died 8 years ago, and even knew the nickname she called me and my wedding date! WOW...

- Mandy M., PA​

My understanding of life is much fuller.  I was so impressed with you how genuine and approachable you are.  Yesterday was my first medium experience and I am grateful it was you who introduced me to the other side. Thanks again and keep spreading the light.

- Anthony, N.Y.

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